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A-Z Archive: U! Challenge ~ Umbrella

This week is letter U. U can be ukhti, unicorn,  underwear, or umbrella. But I don’t have yet saw any unicorn and I will never post my or anyone underwear here in this blog. Because I haven’t married yet, posting a photo of ukhti (religious muslim women) here will probably make me suffer in real life with gossip, rumor, jealousy, and dead sentence roaming around me. So probably umbrella is the best choice.

Travel theme: Summer ~ Monas

As you probably know, here in this tropical country like Indonesian, there is no such thing as season. There is no summer, fall, winter, or spring. We originally have two season: rainy and sunny. We originally have two seasons actually: wet/rainy and dry/sunny, penghujan and kemarau in Indonesian. Penghujan is April to September, when there’s mostly rain (and prob.flood) in that time. Kemarau is October to March when there’s mostly day with bright sun in that time. But due to global warming (maybe), now we face the same phenomenon all time of the year. Random weather. So, when Ailsa invite me to join her photo challenge themed summer, I was blank. Even the official one give that theme one week later. I have no experience in summer yet. But It is a travel theme, isn’t it? Then, I decide to post a photo about my trip to National Monument, Jakarta. Jakarta is very hot, an embodiment of summer, maybe. National Monument (Monas) is our country proud of independence.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

Hands, it is this week’s photo challenge. It seems the theme is getting hard and harder every weeks, doesn’t it? Hands can be instrumental in a photo – they emphasis, they hide, they reveal. They can be the star of the show, or just a prop to help the main attraction stand out better. Okay, it is true. But the problem is It is never crossed in my mind, to take a photo of hand. I have no idea how to take a nice picture of hands. Hmm… Crawling my database, I just got these three picture. Not gorgeous, but hope you like it.

Beautiful Landscape of Mutun Beach and Tangkil Island – part 2 of 3 : The Sea

In the last week post, I talked about the beautiful beach-tourism site located in Lampung, Indonesia : Mutun Beach and Tangkil Island. This week, I will tell you the second part of the story with some photograph included, of course. Umm, actually this week post have more picture than story. Hope you enjoy it. If you have time, please come to Indonesia and go to this beach in Lampung. Pictured abouve: Mutun Beach from the Sea Standing from the coast, we can only imagine the beauty of the sea. Maybe we can see a part of it but we will never know the true nature. But when sailing we can feel the air and the emotion of the sea. Seeing through the horizon, we will notice how small we are and how vast the earth is. Seeing through the water we finally know the beauty inside the sea. Renting the traditional motor boat, we can go to the island of Tangkil at fifteen to twenty minutes ride. There is always boat ready to escort us to the …

Photo Challenge : Reflection

Photo Challenge, especially the weekly one, is very addicted for the bloggers. It’s a great way to share your photo to the world, and draw some eyes to your blog. It’s awesome and seeing those photograph from the blog universe brings calm to my eyes. So, when the official WordPress Dailypost Weekly photo challenge is late to give it’s challenge, some wonder why. One person, Ailsa on wheresmybackpack then stood to give what that hungry blogger wants : a photo challenge. The theme is reflection. Some people has aswered the challenge and give some great photograph. Just like Vladimir Brezina said: “Well, when there was no official challenge posted for more than a day, people took matters into their own hands. No doubt there are other informal challenges out there, born at times like these, that we don’t know about. It’s like in a nomadic tribe—people will follow the leader they like best at the moment, but they might desert to another when that leader seems stronger. This time it was Ailsa that organized the tribe”. I my self was …

Weekly Photo Challenge : Blue ~ Compilation

This week photo challenge is rather late isn’t it. Yeah, the late turns out to be a rather hard theme. The theme now is blue. But for a while, seeing the theme, i just want the challenge is rather later. Why is that? Because almost all of my blue collection, namely “the Sea”, are just collected to the continuation of the Beautiful Landscape of Mutun Beach and Tangkil Island – part 1 of 3 : The Coast post, namely “the Coast”. I plan to publish it on Saturday. Hope this week theme will be long enough and cover the Saturday part. Hey, it’s late isn’t it. We must delay the next week theme for compensate the time we lost for this weeks. That way, I will have two submission in this weeks theme. KHekhekhe… For now, I just post what I can. It’s not a great photo but maybe you will enjoy it. I take the photo years ago when I was in high school.

A-Z Archive: S! Challenge | Shadow and Silhouette

The letter in this week archive is my favorite. There is so many picture so can post  that beginning with letter S. Sun, Sky, Sea, Sand and Shore, almost every landscape starts with it. I expect there will be amazing picture going around in the WordPress universe with this challenge. I, myself, particularly love a landscape picture with shadow or silhouette. I like it because silhouette can change ordinary scenery into something gorgeous or at least acceptable. Therefore I decide to join this week archive with compilation about it. Hope you enjoy it. Oh, before that you should also check my other post with the same theme. Maybe you will enjoy it too.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Unfocused

Unfocused is this weekly photo challenge theme. It’s an interesting theme but rather “hard” or maybe confusing I think. Well, never you deliberately take a blurred picture, don’t you. Well, unfocused does not only means blurred. A picture with too much object in it and you actually don’t know what object you want to be featured the most. But that kind of picture is harder than the former and I don’t have that kind of photo at least the interesting one. So I post these four picture instead. Hope you like it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

This week photo challenge is “together”. Yeah, the theme seems is very easy but finding a cool picture to submit to the challenge is not easy. Seeing the theme I only can think a picture about human taking picture together. Yeah everyone have that kind of picture. Together with family, friends, or random stranger. Isn’t it too ordinary? Even though the sample picture on the challenge announcement page suggests something creative, I still can’t think of anything. So in this post, I try my best to compile some photo to meet the challenge.  I hope you like one of the picture. It’s all about my campus though. In the picture above, we, approximately 3000 students of 2008 generation of Bandung Institute Technology (Institut Teknologi Bandung – ITB) formed the ITB letter with red and white color represent our county’s, Indonesia’s flag’s color. I think it’s a cool picture myself because when I didn’t think we really could form the letter. Of course the picture is a not mine, I am in the picture.  The photo is credited to the …

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey Together | Junior Highschoolers’ Journey Together

These pictures was taken on my journey with my friend Bambang to Cililin, South Bandung two years ago. An unsightly scene that we found on our way home. A bunch of junior highscoolers were on their way to school with just single ‘Angkot’. As you can see below, some of them were in extreme position on and beside and behind the car. It should be noted that this picture was taken in at least 40 kmph speed.