About Blog Kemaren Siang

This blog is just another blog of WordPress. You can find some random post, some serious topic, and mainly about my life story around me and about me in this blog. Just like the categorization of this blog. See below the blog title. Oh yeah, maybe some photograph that I post here will entertain you. So, even if you are not interested in my life or my thought, please browse my photo section and share your thought about the picture. Don’t just leave me alone -.-!

This page resume about what is this blog about and give link to further references. You can read about me and my blog in multiple post below. Just click on the heading.

Brief Introduction

This section gives introduction about me and this blog in English. As a fellow human, we must introduce ourselves properly, mustn’t we?

Owner Information

This section gives detailed information about the owner, the writer of this blog, me. Here, you can find some information that only a stalker or I myself know about.

How I Wrote This Blog ~ Past

In this section, I tell you a story about my blog and my style of writing back then[1]. I tried to make it graspable for both English speaker and Indonesian speaker but maybe the Indonesian one is the best I can give.

How I Write This Blog ~ Present

In this section, I give you description about what I am writing and in what fashion I write them. I give you some blog and photo challenge that I join regularly to keep this blog active. And then I will give you some differences with the previous version of my blog.

How I Hope I Will Write This Blog ~ Future

In this section, I write some hope I want to achieve in the future with the help of this blog. What fashion I am aiming, and what will be me sometime in the future. If you can stand a rubbish called hope and dream, you can read this. If not, maybe this will only give you headache.

I think that’s all about his blog. Thank you for coming to this humble blog.

If you somehow know more about English, please correct me if you find any spelling, grammar, or logic mistake in this post and in any post in this blog. I beg you. Feel free to use the comment box.


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