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Beautiful Landscape of Mutun Beach and Tangkil Island – part 1 of 3 : The Coast

I’ll even reach the sea, the origin of life, defeat it, and eventually meet you on that island.

Lampung positioned in Sunda Stait has many amazing beach and water tourism. One of them and maybe one of the most beautiful is Mutun Coast. Compared to another beach tour site, it is relatively new. The beach is clean and white just like powder, but not as soft as it of course :D. It’s virgin and well maintained I can say, not like the tainted beach on Java. I went to the beach in 2007 on our Science Club Activity “Karya Ilmiah Remaja” trip and the photo in this post was all taken at that time. I don’t know what it looks like now but I believe it’s still as beautiful as I set my feet there five years ago.

Just like Klara Beach provided in last week post, Mutun Coast is not far from the capital of Lampung, Bandar Lampung. It takes roughly 40 minutes by car. As we wait to please our eyes on the beach, we will be provided by enjoyable scenery on the way there (by there I mean the Klara Beach and Mutun Coast). The beauty of green trees, fields, and mountains is good to pass time. And we can see some mineral mountain excavated just like the picture below.

The excavated mountain scenery on the way to the beach.

From Bandar Lampung, we go to the South until we see signpost read “Pantai Mutun” and then we turn to the dusty rocky road. Just hold the quaky unpleasant trip for around ten minutes. That ten minutes will be paid off considerably by the beauty landscape there. Oh yeah, speaking about pay, you must pay an admission fee on the front gate of Mutun. It’s quite cheap, about Rp2.500 per person and Rp5.000 per car (at that time), not even reach one dollar! [One dollar = 8.500 rupiahs]

As you probably can see on the picture below, strolling in this beach is an amazing experience. The blue see through water, white sand, green forest around the long beach is stunning. The atmosphere here is also fresh. The wave is rather calm on the beach so it is fine to swim. If you can’t swim you can rent a tire/ buoy so you can float around on the sea. The rent fee is Rp10.000 per tire.

The far sight of the Mutun coast

You can also do water sports and rent the canoe here. The water attraction is quite complete on Mutun coast. You can rent banana boat, jetski, or even snorkeling equipment here. There is also a waterboom nearby. Some visitors even do fishing on the beach.

You can see both sea side and beach side on the horizon

If you are a typical sight seeing person with a family, on the side of the beach there is many hut to sit and relax. There is also a playground for kids on the beach. But, as expected from beach tourism everything has a price here.  No need to mention the toilet (the entrance fee to the toilet is the same as the entrance fee to the beach), even taking wudhu’ for praying (Salat for muslim) is charged here.

Even though the beach is full of eyes pleasing sight, the main dishes is not on the Mutun Coast it self. Just like typical beach tour site, Mutun has island counterpart on the opposite of the beach. Tangkil island, a tiny but great island. We can always cross the sea by renting the many available boats. Pay Rp5.000 per person and make appointment to the boat owner to pick us up from the island on the time specified. But I will cover that part of story on another post, maybe next week. Just wait for it, okay.

Tangkil Island five minutes away by boats on the opposite of the beach

Kelapa Rapat Beach, Lampung


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