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A-Z Archive: U! Challenge ~ Umbrella

This week is letter U. U can be ukhti, unicorn,  underwear, or umbrella. But I don’t have yet saw any unicorn and I will never post my or anyone underwear here in this blog. Because I haven’t married yet, posting a photo of ukhti (religious muslim women) here will probably make me suffer in real life with gossip, rumor, jealousy, and dead sentence roaming around me. So probably umbrella is the best choice.

Large, Medium, Small. I forgot the Xtra Large one.

The photo is taken in front of Rabbani store, Bandung at rainy night. I don’t have anything else to post to this U letter so maybe it is all I can share to you. Check what others post about letter U and another letter here.


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  5. Like the colours of these Umbrella’s on a wet evening 🙂 I think Umbrella is going to be a very popular response 😉

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