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Photo Challenge : Reflection

Photo Challenge, especially the weekly one, is very addicted for the bloggers. It’s a great way to share your photo to the world, and draw some eyes to your blog. It’s awesome and seeing those photograph from the blog universe brings calm to my eyes.

So, when the official WordPress Dailypost Weekly photo challenge is late to give it’s challenge, some wonder why. One person, Ailsa on wheresmybackpack then stood to give what that hungry blogger wants : a photo challenge. The theme is reflection. Some people has aswered the challenge and give some great photograph. Just like Vladimir Brezina said:

“Well, when there was no official challenge posted for more than a day, people took matters into their own hands. No doubt there are other informal challenges out there, born at times like these, that we don’t know about. It’s like in a nomadic tribe—people will follow the leader they like best at the moment, but they might desert to another when that leader seems stronger. This time it was Ailsa that organized the tribe”.

I my self was late to know it’s existence. I did hear from friends before but didn’t have the link nor the photo to post. But I don’t want to just leave the challenge alone, do I?

So this is my submission. Take me a great time to find it especially I don’t remember taking a reflection picture before.  These photo are taken at Parompong, Bandung. The building is a mosque on the hill. It’s very cold here even in broad daylight. It’s not very great. Hope you enjoy it.

Taken on Parompong, Bandung

It can be used as mirror

Hmm, maybe the blue sky in photo above also suit the blue theme photo challenge too, doesn’t it?

Oh yeah, Ailsa (if you read this post) and my dear reader, Frizztext on Flickrcomments have their own weekly photo challenge. The theme is A-Z Archive, basically you post a picture with your own theme that begin with this week’s alphabet. Their photo is great! Why don’t you join too. If they have their own photo challenge, why don’t you make your own? Just think some theme to differentiate it to the dailypost and flickrcomments. I will gladly help you and participate on the challenge, if I have a photo that suit the theme off course.

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  4. Very nice interpretation of ‘reflection.’ While I live in Singapore, I hardly ever have the time to visit nearby Indonesia, you make me want to drop everything and just visit! 🙂 We stayed in Bintan Lagoon around two years back, but we haven’t gone back since.

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  7. Yes! I have some like this taken from inside a train & I forgot to post them 😀 Yours a much better though, with all that beautiful landscape beyond the reflection 🙂

    • I am honored that you think the picture above is better. You always have amazing collection on your post, i just feel jealous.. At first, I didn’t have much hope for this picture. But glad you like it. Thank you very much.

  8. Ooh, I love this, Albadr, Indonesia is a part of the world I have yet to travel too, I hope to someday though. I can almost feel the cold air looking at that first photo. Thanks for joining in the photo challenge, and for letting me know about the A-Z challenge. I shall put some thought into a photo challenge and let you know if I come up with one. xxx Ailsa

    • You must come to this country. There is so many beautiful landscape here. I also want to see part of another world. Hope i have the chance and the means to take picture from all over the world.
      Yeah, please let me know if you come up with some challenge.
      Oh yeah, actually a minute ago I and my friends come up with a theme challenge : “ghost”. 😀 Just a joke… Seems it is too hard to take a nice ghost picture. But maybe i will suggest it to the dailypost. Wanna see what the world do with it if the challenge as strange as that.

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