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Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) '08 generation students together form the ITB letter with red-white Indonesia's flag's color.

Together we can form anything.

This week photo challenge is “together”. Yeah, the theme seems is very easy but finding a cool picture to submit to the challenge is not easy. Seeing the theme I only can think a picture about human taking picture together. Yeah everyone have that kind of picture. Together with family, friends, or random stranger. Isn’t it too ordinary? Even though the sample picture on the challenge announcement page suggests something creative, I still can’t think of anything.

So in this post, I try my best to compile some photo to meet the challenge.  I hope you like one of the picture. It’s all about my campus though. In the picture above, we, approximately 3000 students of 2008 generation of Bandung Institute Technology (Institut Teknologi Bandung – ITB) formed the ITB letter with red and white color represent our county’s, Indonesia’s flag’s color. I think it’s a cool picture myself because when I didn’t think we really could form the letter. Of course the picture is a not mine, I am in the picture.  The photo is credited to the INKM Students Family Initiation committee “Panitia Inisiasi Keluarga Mahasiswa”, the committee who held the event

I want to post a photo about having fun with friend. This picture below is  a photo of my friends play a prank to the other. Some time ago, we have tradition to throw off a friend to the campus pond called Sinking Indonesia “Indonesia Tenggelam” on his birthday. Everyone catch the birthday person and bring him to the center of campus and swing him off the pond. It’s so fun but so frightening (especially if your birthday is near) on that time. Now, it is forbidden.

The photo seems fun enough at first. But browsing on the wordpress universe, there is so much nicer photo. The picture above is plain ordinary. You can see more hearth warming and fun photo with kids in janeluriephotography and with elders in imagesoftheheart. But it seems interpretation with people in the photo is few out there. Maybe nobody wants to post something everyone see everyday isn’t it. Maybe I am on the right track after all, fighting the trend.

I also want to post a photo about animals having fun, sitting, sleeping, or fighting together. Searching in my photo database, I just found this photo below. In the photo, you can see goats in my campus. Every month in my campus backyard forest, Babakan Siliwangi (yeah, we have a forest are behind the campus), we have goat fighting festival. Farmer and breeder from all over Bandung comes to promote their husbandry and good quality goat, by fighting.

Together waiting their turn to fight on the stage

But it seems there is too many amazing photo out there about animals being together. Fellow challenger latebloomerbuds posts a photo about two birds from NOLA, Janine Fitzpatrick post a nice birds photo too, envirorhi posts cute photo of bats hugging, and rheashad have a great collection of animals photo. Others post a cooler one that involve human in the photo such as thoughtsunrestricted a squirrel on hand, and conservingquirky a great camel photo from above, my favorite so far. Compared to them, my photo is just too ordinary it seems. But I still hope you like it.

Some challenger post  even post the unthinkable, at least for me. Yeah, together is not only about living thing, maisamladha post a nice photo of rock and leaf. It’s brilliant and so out of box. Other example is justsnaps featuring serabi foods and mdcphotographs featuring drum like instruments in the photo. You can find in the web that the interpretation of this weeks theme is mostly photo of animals of nonliving thing. It is the mainstream. Yeah, maybe people thinks that interpretation is the interpretation that unique, doesn’t it? But it turns out to be mainstream. Maybe I’ll try to find a picture like that for the rest of the week.

I have a favorite photo that I want to post to this weeks’s theme but I’ve used it to other theme. I have posted it three weeks ago when the theme is “journey”. But journey together have a nice ring too isn’t it? So I edit the post’s title to Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey Together to get both theme. It’s like cheating but I hope you readers forgive me.

Thank you for visiting. My photos is not that great but hope you enjoy the post. Maybe I’ll try hard to find some nicer picture this weeks.


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