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A-Z Archive: S! Challenge | Shadow and Silhouette

The letter in this week archive is my favorite. There is so many picture so can post  that beginning with letter S. Sun, Sky, Sea, Sand and Shore, almost every landscape starts with it. I expect there will be amazing picture going around in the WordPress universe with this challenge.

I, myself, particularly love a landscape picture with shadow or silhouette. I like it because silhouette can change ordinary scenery into something gorgeous or at least acceptable. Therefore I decide to join this week archive with compilation about it. Hope you enjoy it.

Oh, before that you should also check my other post with the same theme. Maybe you will enjoy it too.

Dusk in Bengkulu

Dusk in Bengkulu

Glittering Tree

Glittering Tree

A simple view of my hometown


Above my rooftop

Above my rooftop


Village and Electric Pole

Oh yeah, don’t forget to check another participant okay. It’s full with great photo. I ensure that you will regret it if you don’t.


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  9. These are lovely photos indeed. Brings a sense of peace to the viewer. Thanks for sharing them!

    • Glad you like it and just like before, thank you for visiting my blog.
      The picture maybe beautiful but the scenery (if not because of the silhouette) actually so ordinary. Thanks…


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