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Weekly Photo Challenge : Unfocused

Unfocused is this weekly photo challenge theme. It’s an interesting theme but rather “hard” or maybe confusing I think. Well, never you deliberately take a blurred picture, don’t you. Well, unfocused does not only means blurred. A picture with too much object in it and you actually don’t know what object you want to be featured the most. But that kind of picture is harder than the former and I don’t have that kind of photo at least the interesting one. So I post these four picture instead. Hope you like it.

Branches and leaves.

Rose in the morning backyard

This picture is taken on the way to tourist city of Ciwidey. Unlike most picture with depth of field effect, this picture has the background focused but the main object unfocused. It’s taken in high speed after all.

Speedo in mountain.

And this photo is the most unfocused of all. Maybe it is the one that most fit to the theme if you take the theme literally. The unfocused is due to my lack of decent camera. It’s taken in dark night and I only have my phone to take picture as camera.

Flowers in the holy night.


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