Brief Introduction

Hi all. My name is Albadr and this is my second blog actually. The first blog is made when i’m highschool but only have 5 post and i actually  did not like the address so i change to new one. The blog’s title ‘Blog Kemaren Siang’ which mean ‘Yesterday Noon’s Blog’ is actually a reference to famous Indonesian phrase ‘Anak Kemaren Sore’ Yesterday Evening’s Child that tell you the child is just a child, a newbie. Well, i just felt like that. I just  ‘Anak Kemaren Sore’ in the sea of people in the world and this blog just ‘Blog Kemaren Siang’ and another wordpress blog. So yeah, even though many days has passed the blog title is still intact. But I hope you can find interest in this blog and in me (even better in real life), for a better relation between us.

This blog born when I started as first-year man in Institut Teknologi Bandung. But, this ‘About Me’ page since then empty. Four years later in my final year-hopefully, I fill this page with care and different title: Brief Introduction. Yeah, this page is written in English but the blog actually mainly Indonesian. Hey, I am Indonesian… But I intend to fill this blog with three languages, Indonesian, English, and Japanese, depend on the article. Maybe some article with multi language. Yes, I did say that i just one of people in the WORLD right. That’s my dream, to be a person of the world, not just Indonesia or Bandung. This writing plan is some part to reach my dream. I hope this plan not left just as plan. Support me please.

This blog has no specific purpose. It is just filled for random stuff like my daily routine, blabbering, some interesting stuff happened around me, etc etc. Sometime i just post that tell about this blog in this blog! The first time, i want to dedicate my blog for people that has interest to go to Institut Teknologi Bandung, my college i’m attended to. But over the course of time, the scale of randomness in this blog increase. True purpose, if I obligated to say is, to train my self with writing and to share experiences and ideas.

Fortunately, there is some sane article in this blog. You can find any if you’re lucky. Mainly the post about ITB so if you are in Bandung, an ITB student or a wannabe ITB student, maybe you can find some interesting post here. I am actually interested in anything related to logic. Well, i am/was Informatics student after all. But you can hardly find any post about coding or project here for I don’t know how to write it brief, informative, and interesting. I also actually have interest in languages and words. Maybe in the future you will see some post about word differences in this blog.

If you are my friend, maybe you can see my self in the article I post and writing style I do. You can see thoroughly about my contact and my routine in Owner’s page. And of course you can read my activity in my posts. That what blog means to be isn’t it.

Let’s make a better connection to share ideas and experience.

March 2012, Albadr Nasution.