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Travel Theme: Oceans | Pantai Panjang, Bengkulu

Earth consists water up to it’s 60% area. The water area is called oceans. So, everywhere you go travelling, visiting a nearby oceans (or beach) is a must.

In this blog, I have posted almost all of beach (and water body) pictures that I have visited. Because of that, I really really want to go to beach now. Arrghh… Well, maybe these picture below are one of selected few and not so great picture that I left.

Pantai Panjang, literally translated be “long beach”, is a tourism site on Bengkulu city, Bengkulu province, Indonesia. Maybe it is called like that because Bengkulu is a long thin province and the beach is extend from end point to end point of the city.

Pantai Panjang is facing the Hindian Ocean. That way, the wave here is very big. However, the sight of someone swimming and playing in the water is not that rare. Swimming too far from the land is not recommended though.

Inside the beach, there is many attraction. You can find standard beach property such as restoruant, family park, sport center, etc. Additionally, you can ride horse and elephant, yeah ELEPHANT here in Pantai Panjang. I am sorry I can’t convince you that hard for I don’t have the picture.

Yeah, I admit, compared to beached out there, Pantai Panjang is rather plain. It is too long but give no exciting scenery. There is only park on one side and plain sea to the horizon on the other side. The shoreline of Pantai Panjang is just straight from point to point. Furthermore the beach is facing almost South so when the sun set, you can’t always see it in the far oceans. That is what making it’s plainness. But, it still a good site to see when you visit Bengkulu, I promise you.

That is what I got when I visit Pantai Panjang of Bengkulu last 6 year when I am in junior high school. And these are other oceans of Indonesia that I have visited. As you can see, they are more gorgeous than Pantai Panjang above. I recommend you to visit these place (besides the much more famous one) . See also the post for further information and photograph. Click on the picture to go to the post.

Pantai Mutun, Lampung

Danau Toba, North Sumatera

Kelapa Rapat, Lampung

Pantai Pesisir Krui, Lampung

Pantai Bunga – Flower Beach, Batubara

Fisherman Harbour of Panton, Tanjungbalai

Check also what others come up when they challenged by oceans theme in the Ailsa’s whereismybackpack blog. Or post your challenge response yourself.

Cheerss.. I hope I can go to oceans soon. 海に行きたい!!!


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  3. Really lovely photos, Albadr, some gorgeous shots of the ocean and there’s something quite magical about the quality of the third photo with the horse and carriage. xxx

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