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Story about tourism in Lampung Provinsi, in the Southern of Sumatera Islan and my visit when my home and school was there.

Beautiful Landscape of Mutun Beach and Tangkil Island – part 3 of 3 : The Island

Summer. What does summer mean to you? Maybe most of you will think summer is hot or summer is life with glimmering sunny day or a time that you can go outside more. But, here in tropical country there is no season like that. Oh, maybe there is always season like that every day in a year. So I never exactly experience a summer day before.  For me, maybe summer means play. Summer means travelling. Ultimately, summer means beach and sea. Pictured above: The Beach on Tangkil Island Continuing the other two part, here I will present you the island of Tangkil in front of Mutun Coast, Lampung. If you don’t read the past part, head to part 1 : the Coast and part 2 : the Sea or you will regret it.  Mutun Coast and Tangkil Island both are a famous beach travel site on Lampung, Indonesia. The Sumatrean beach near Sunda Strait give you a nice sensation of calm sea and wind. It’s a perfect place to do a summer holiday or summer camp. Tangkil Island …

Beautiful Landscape of Mutun Beach and Tangkil Island – part 2 of 3 : The Sea

In the last week post, I talked about the beautiful beach-tourism site located in Lampung, Indonesia : Mutun Beach and Tangkil Island. This week, I will tell you the second part of the story with some photograph included, of course. Umm, actually this week post have more picture than story. Hope you enjoy it. If you have time, please come to Indonesia and go to this beach in Lampung. Pictured abouve: Mutun Beach from the Sea Standing from the coast, we can only imagine the beauty of the sea. Maybe we can see a part of it but we will never know the true nature. But when sailing we can feel the air and the emotion of the sea. Seeing through the horizon, we will notice how small we are and how vast the earth is. Seeing through the water we finally know the beauty inside the sea. Renting the traditional motor boat, we can go to the island of Tangkil at fifteen to twenty minutes ride. There is always boat ready to escort us to the …

Beautiful Landscape of Mutun Beach and Tangkil Island – part 1 of 3 : The Coast

I’ll even reach the sea, the origin of life, defeat it, and eventually meet you on that island. Lampung positioned in Sunda Stait has many amazing beach and water tourism. One of them and maybe one of the most beautiful is Mutun Coast. Compared to another beach tour site, it is relatively new. The beach is clean and white just like powder, but not as soft as it of course :D. It’s virgin and well maintained I can say, not like the tainted beach on Java. I went to the beach in 2007 on our Science Club Activity “Karya Ilmiah Remaja” trip and the photo in this post was all taken at that time. I don’t know what it looks like now but I believe it’s still as beautiful as I set my feet there five years ago. Just like Klara Beach provided in last week post, Mutun Coast is not far from the capital of Lampung, Bandar Lampung. It takes roughly 40 minutes by car. As we wait to please our eyes on the beach, …

Kelapa Rapat Beach, Lampung

Pictured above: Kelapa Rapat Beach. What poetry should I put on this picture? It’s that kind of picture, isn’t it. Have any idea? Kelapa Rapat is one of many famous beach in Lampung Province located in Teluk Ratai, Pesawaran. Kelapa Rapat basically means “dense coconut” because of many coconut tree around the beach. It’s usually called Kelara for short (or Clara for fancy English version :D). The landscape here is beautiful signified by the white sand and blue water. The beach’s wave is nearly nonexistent make it a perfect place for swimming.

Pantai Krui

Krui berada di wilayah pantai kabupaten Lampung Barat. Jika kita bepergian melewati Jalur Lintas Barat Sumatera, khususnya dari Bandar Lampung ke Bengkulu melewati jalur Liwa – Mana, kita pasti melewati wilayah Krui ini. Salah satu ruas jalan yang dilewati memberikan pemandangan pantai yang sangat menarik. Ruas jalan ini sangat berdekatan dengan garis pantai. Jarak ruas jalan ke laut hanya sekitar 100 meter atau kurang. Bahkan konon, pada malam hari pasangnya air laut bisa menggenangi badan jalan. Memang ruas jalan ini bukan satu-satunya jalan di Krui, tetapi sangat sayang untuk dilewatkan jika Anda kebetulan melintasi Krui pada siang hari. Saya dan keluarga pasti melewati pantai Krui ini setiap kami berkunjung ke rumah nenek di Bengkulu. Pantai Krui ini kami jadikan tempat singgah makan siang baik pada perjalanan pergi maupun perjalan pulang. Sekali bersinggah kami bisa menghabiskan waktu satu sampai dua jam disini.