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Beautiful Landscape of Mutun Beach and Tangkil Island – part 2 of 3 : The Sea

In the last week post, I talked about the beautiful beach-tourism site located in Lampung, Indonesia : Mutun Beach and Tangkil Island. This week, I will tell you the second part of the story with some photograph included, of course. Umm, actually this week post have more picture than story. Hope you enjoy it. If you have time, please come to Indonesia and go to this beach in Lampung.

Pictured abouve: Mutun Beach from the Sea

Standing from the coast, we can only imagine the beauty of the sea. Maybe we can see a part of it but we will never know the true nature. But when sailing we can feel the air and the emotion of the sea. Seeing through the horizon, we will notice how small we are and how vast the earth is. Seeing through the water we finally know the beauty inside the sea.

The horizon and the Keramba

Just another boat

Renting the traditional motor boat, we can go to the island of Tangkil at fifteen to twenty minutes ride. There is always boat ready to escort us to the island. Therefore don’t worry to take any boat at any time. I am not sure there is a boat at night though but there is lodging in the island if you want to stay.

Not only crossing the sea, the boat will bring us to circle the island before we land. We will be brought to a see through region of the sea around the Tangkil island. Some tourist even snorkel in here. Of course you are not allowed to leave the boat suddenly.

On the boat

In the back of the Tangkil island we will see a rocky part of the island. When we reach the island, we can circle the island ourselves by the shore. This island actually have many white beach around it so it will be shame if we just only play on the front beach where the boat landed.

One part of the island

The front beach of Tangkil Island

I think that’s all for this week. Mutun Beach and the Sea is very beautiful. One of those place you will stun by visiting it, maybe. But the final part and the most amazing in this site is Tangkil island. In the island, the sand is more white and the water is more blue and transparent than in the beach.  I will cover that on next week post. Wait for the final and main dish in next weeks post okay. Spoiler :

The rocky and sandy beach on Tangkil Island

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