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Everyday Life ~ Batik

I admit that these pictures are not my everyday life looks like. But, these pictures show the face of those who struggle to conserve our county culture everyday. Batik is one of treasures, cultural treasures of Indonesia. Batik is recognized as national outfit and now used widely on the country. Civil servants and workers is obligated to wear Batik for a certain days of their work day. Some occupations even make Batik as it’s uniform such as stewardess. Batik is the pride of Indonesia. So many style and technique has been found to enhance batik. It is no longer a traditional cloth. It is also no longer a national formal outfit to attend office work, business meeting, or party invitation anymore. It is one of the fashion and can be used in all kind of occasion on all kind of cloth type. It has many styles: traditional style, young style, and modern style. Even the abstract one has come to the surface in the last few years using mathematical equation called Fractal Batik. It is …

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far ~ Goat and Boat

Hey everybody. It’s been a while since my last post on Dailypost Weekly Photo Challenge. The theme is gradually harder and harder and I can’t come up with it. So, shame me. Fortunately, this week is easy enough for me. Welcome back, me! Long story short, the theme this week is near and far. Well, as you can see in the picture above, near camera is a goat and far from camera is a boat passing. This rather funny picture – I don’t know what the goat’s doing in the port – is taken at Panton Port in Tanjung Balai Asahan, North Sumatera, Indonesia. The goat and his friends maybe just taking a walk on the sunny evening. Okay, I think that’s my share this week. I am looking forward to the next photo challenge too.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close ~ The Leaves

Close can be interpretated as literal close or close of relationship (as with friends or family). Sara Rosso on her dailypost’s weekly photo challenge’s post cover both aspect with one picture. For this theme, I decided to post photos about the former interpretation with leaves for the sub theme. I found a lot on my database. Well, I mostly taken inanimate object when photographing after all. Here’s some of them.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship (2) ~ The Friendship Monument

This is my second submission for this week’s WordPress’ weekly photo challenge themed friendship. For the first submission, please head to Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship that feature my candid picture with friends in various group. This picture below is a monument located in the center of my college’s campus: Bandung Institute of Technology. The monument is called “Friendship Monument”. The text in the monument read “Sekali Teman Tetap Teman” which mean “Once Friend, Forever Friend” in English. Near the monument, there is a pond called Indonesia Tenggelam “sinking Indonesia”. It is featured in my first friendship submission here. Some time ago, we have tradition to throw off a friend to the pond called on his birthday. Everyone catch the birthday person and bring him to the center of campus and swing him off the pond. A truly friendship. You can’t be friend before you play prank to each other, can you? 

A-Z Archive: X! Challenge

So it comes to this already. X uh? Very hard… I have think this for two weeks but I don’t get anything. Arggh.. It’s hard to find something beginning with X here in Bandung. I give up. I will post this instead… Better than nothing, right? Hope it will sufficient.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

We have friends everywhere.  Their structure is very complex. There is a group of friends here and there and both of them don’t really have incision. We go with our different persona in front of them. Their purpose and interest maybe different from each other groups but  they are person that always be there when we need them. And of course, we have a bunch of photo to capture our moment and have it last for eternity. In this post, I attach some photo from my different groups of friends for the weekly photo challenge this week. This is I and my friends on the Indonesia Tenggelam (sunken Indonesia) pool on our campus. They are my college friends that came from same region: Lampung. Beneath the pool, we can see a map of South East Asia with Indonesia in green tiles. This is I and my friends when we take a tour to National Monument Indonesia. They are my upperclassmen from my college. I am the person floating in front of the picture.

A-Z Archive: V! Challenge ~ Various Effects

Letter V. What are your theme with letter V? At first, it seems hard to find a picture beginning with letter V. But after squeezing my head, I found some picture that will fit the theme. Various pictures. It also begin with V. What a fitting theme for the letter. This is a collection of V picture and I applied some Picasa effect on it. This picture was taken in front of my rent room. One day, when the morning still dark, I notice that the dawn sky gave this rare violet color. This picture then enhanced with Orlonish effect of Picasa to bring out the silhouette. The scenery that time was priceless and I think the picture is priceless as well. But, if you look at the scene on daytime, it is a very ordinary view actually. Yeah, that’s why I love silhouette picture. They change something ordinary to acceptable or great. Well, the scene at that time was nice though, at least for me. This is my high school’s principal’s car. I don’t …

Travel Theme: Street Market ~ Pasar Simpang Dago Bandung

I tell you. There is no term as “street market” in Indonesia. Why is that? Because, taking half of the street or the sidewalk and change it to shopping center is everyday phenomenon here. Not only that, you can find such thing almost everywhere. By everywhere I mean almost on every road segment on the country. At least you can find one of the so called “Pedagang Kaki Lima” five feet merchant on a segment of a road. Well, not in a tool road and highway of course. Pedagang Kaki Lima called like that because when Dutch still around, they instructed us to build five feet wide sidewalk for each street. Gradually over time, some merchant made their own shop on top the five feet sidewalk hence “five feet merchant”. Because we can see it everyday, Indonesian doesn’t think a street market as something special. So, when we make vacation on some tourist site, we never think to take picture of street market there. I am no exception. Now, when Ailsa invited me to join her photo …

A-Z Archive: U! Challenge ~ Umbrella

This week is letter U. U can be ukhti, unicorn,  underwear, or umbrella. But I don’t have yet saw any unicorn and I will never post my or anyone underwear here in this blog. Because I haven’t married yet, posting a photo of ukhti (religious muslim women) here will probably make me suffer in real life with gossip, rumor, jealousy, and dead sentence roaming around me. So probably umbrella is the best choice.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

Hands, it is this week’s photo challenge. It seems the theme is getting hard and harder every weeks, doesn’t it? Hands can be instrumental in a photo – they emphasis, they hide, they reveal. They can be the star of the show, or just a prop to help the main attraction stand out better. Okay, it is true. But the problem is It is never crossed in my mind, to take a photo of hand. I have no idea how to take a nice picture of hands. Hmm… Crawling my database, I just got these three picture. Not gorgeous, but hope you like it.

Beautiful Landscape of Mutun Beach and Tangkil Island – part 2 of 3 : The Sea

In the last week post, I talked about the beautiful beach-tourism site located in Lampung, Indonesia : Mutun Beach and Tangkil Island. This week, I will tell you the second part of the story with some photograph included, of course. Umm, actually this week post have more picture than story. Hope you enjoy it. If you have time, please come to Indonesia and go to this beach in Lampung. Pictured abouve: Mutun Beach from the Sea Standing from the coast, we can only imagine the beauty of the sea. Maybe we can see a part of it but we will never know the true nature. But when sailing we can feel the air and the emotion of the sea. Seeing through the horizon, we will notice how small we are and how vast the earth is. Seeing through the water we finally know the beauty inside the sea. Renting the traditional motor boat, we can go to the island of Tangkil at fifteen to twenty minutes ride. There is always boat ready to escort us to the …