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A-Z Archive: X! Challenge

So it comes to this already. X uh? Very hard… I have think this for two weeks but I don’t get anything. Arggh.. It’s hard to find something beginning with X here in Bandung. I give up. I will post this instead… Better than nothing, right? Hope it will sufficient.

A-Z Archive: V! Challenge ~ Various Effects

Letter V. What are your theme with letter V? At first, it seems hard to find a picture beginning with letter V. But after squeezing my head, I found some picture that will fit the theme. Various pictures. It also begin with V. What a fitting theme for the letter. This is a collection of V picture and I applied some Picasa effect on it. This picture was taken in front of my rent room. One day, when the morning still dark, I notice that the dawn sky gave this rare violet color. This picture then enhanced with Orlonish effect of Picasa to bring out the silhouette. The scenery that time was priceless and I think the picture is priceless as well. But, if you look at the scene on daytime, it is a very ordinary view actually. Yeah, that’s why I love silhouette picture. They change something ordinary to acceptable or great. Well, the scene at that time was nice though, at least for me. This is my high school’s principal’s car. I don’t …

A-Z Archive: U! Challenge ~ Umbrella

This week is letter U. U can be ukhti, unicorn,  underwear, or umbrella. But I don’t have yet saw any unicorn and I will never post my or anyone underwear here in this blog. Because I haven’t married yet, posting a photo of ukhti (religious muslim women) here will probably make me suffer in real life with gossip, rumor, jealousy, and dead sentence roaming around me. So probably umbrella is the best choice.

A-Z Archive: S! Challenge | Shadow and Silhouette

The letter in this week archive is my favorite. There is so many picture so can post  that beginning with letter S. Sun, Sky, Sea, Sand and Shore, almost every landscape starts with it. I expect there will be amazing picture going around in the WordPress universe with this challenge. I, myself, particularly love a landscape picture with shadow or silhouette. I like it because silhouette can change ordinary scenery into something gorgeous or at least acceptable. Therefore I decide to join this week archive with compilation about it. Hope you enjoy it. Oh, before that you should also check my other post with the same theme. Maybe you will enjoy it too.

A-Z Archive : R! Challenge | Rocket

This week I decide to join A-Z Archive photo challenge held by frizztext. This week’s letter is the letter R. I start the challenge with the picture below. It’s just a picture in my database. A picture taken when my campus reach its 50 anniversary. This is one of the decoration placed inside the campus. A bamboo miniature of rocket (letter R). The rocket signify the hope that we will fly to the sky from now on. You can see the other submission on letter R here.