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A-Z Archive: T! Challenge ~ Tiny Spot in The Sky

This week A-Z Archive letter is letter T. Letter T, hmm… It’s rather hard. What will I post with it. Well, I really-really want to take photograph of moon. But I never got it right. It just become a tiny spot in the sky after all.

The Moon in Broadlight

The Moon 2

The Moon 3

I am also want to take a calm sun photograph in broad daylight. But I never have the luck. The sun always end up in rage with it’s light shining brightly. Even when I got the calm one, it just become a picture with a tiny spot in the sky.

The Tiny Spot of Sun

And that is the story about the spot. I also want to take a picture of the stars (minus the sun, of course) but I don’t have the luck and the means yet. For now, it doesn’t even appear as a tiny spot.

Check another participant of A-Z Challenge here. Thanks for coming. 😀


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  4. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog today. As always, I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as clean as when I arrived. I had to use translate.google.com to read a few of your posts. Amazing how fast it can translate.

    • I am honored you want to use your time camp out in my blog despite I mainly use Indonesian.
      Thank you very much.
      Yeah, Google Translate is getting better and better. At least, it is greatly more accurate than last year. Some translated sentences still ambiguous and give opposite meaning though.

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  7. I like your little tiny spots in the sky. Keep taking pictures, you never know when they will come in handy for a challenge. Even the ones you don’t like. Thanks for visiting my blog and the pingback.


  8. That’s a novel way of getting ‘T’ – Great idea and some nice shots too 🙂

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