Owner Info (Updated Nov 2013)

This is a new about me – owner info page. This page is updated on November 2013. The purpose of the update is to present part of this page in simple English, so that everyone can understand, who is the owner of this page. The other reason is to reflect my current information, starts from 2013 October.

The old Owner Info page can be accessed in https://albadrln.wordpress.com/about/me-old. Some of the information in that page is valid when I lived in Bandung, 2011 – early 2013. Strikethrough-ed sentence is the original information published on 2009.

Name of Mine

My name is Albadr Lutan Nasution. Albadr means full moon. It also refers to the battle of badr, a great battle which change the history of Islam and the world. Lutan is an abbreviation of my parents childhood city, Bengkulu and Tanjungbalai. Nasution is my family name, from the tribe of mandailing, North Sumatera.

My name also have Muhammad in the front. The name of the greatest and last prophet. My parents wished me to follow his examples with this name. Unfortunately, this name is omitted in my passport. The reason is that in my birth certificate, it is only an abbreviation “M.”. Abbreviation is forbidden in passport, therefore it is omitted. Now I lost this beautiful name temporarily, in abroad.

You can call me Albed. Majority of my friends call me that. My parents simply called me Abed. Each of my four name has been used to call me though.

In Japan, I devise a new nick name. Al. From Albadr. It is the shortest I can make. It has been used by a few friends before, very few. But it is handy and cool. Now, I introduce my self with this name. I haven’t got used to it yet, though. I may not realize someone calls me from a far by this name.

Current Occupation

I am a research student at Toyohashi University of Technology, starting from 2013 October until 2014 March. I belong to Active Intelligent System Laboratory. In layman term, it is a robot laboratory. I got the scholarship from Aichi Prefecture Government.

In order to continue my scholarship, I must pass the entrance examination for master program held in 2013 February. This test is in Japanese, even though one type of the test is for foreigner. I really hope that in the course of 3 months, my Japanese will get better and better. Please help me.

My undergraduate research in Informatics department of Institut Teknologi Bandung was Arabic Character Recognition Development System. This final project has been presented on ICEEI 2013 in UKM, Malaysia. Now, my current research is (supposed to be) face recognition system for mobile devices. Unfortunately, I still have no clue from where to start this research. I am still a research student after all, and my priority now is to pass the entrance exam.

To tell you the truth, I still don’t believe that I  am here, now in Japan. Every time I wake up, realizing that I am inside a futon in a middle sized apartment, I am surprised. Oh, I am really here. It’s real.

And many things troubled me. The future. Job. Marriage. My family, brother, and sister. Japanese Languages. My work in Bandung that left behind. My internet banking account that recently locked because I forgot its password. And I foolishly bought its ATM Card to Japan. What an idiot.

And mainly, the upcoming February entrance examination. I must study hard. Must study Japanese hard. The exam is in Japanese after all. If I fail, I have to come back. I will lose my scholarship. Lose face. Though, with my current level I can’t read anything on the question section.

I must submit a periodic report about my research. But I don’t even have a slightest idea about what to do when I am sitting in front of my desk on the lab. Even conversing with my lab member needs huge motivation.

Past Life and Education

No, I do not remember the life before I was born. But it is not what I mean by “past life”.

was born in Pugungraharjo, a village in Central Lampung (now it is located in East Lampung). I grew up in Metro, a city in Lampung. I was a student in SMP Negeri 1 Metro, graduated in 2005. My highschool is SMA Negeri 1 Metro, graduated in 2008. If you also study/studied in the same school, then we are friend, right?

After that, I studied in Institut Teknologi Bandung. My major is Informatics. It was fun to be there.

My parents moved from Metro to Tanjungbalai when I was in college. Tanjungbalai is the city of my father when he is a child. Therefore, my grand family members from my father line live there. Tanjungbalai is located in Malaka Straight, right in front of Kuala Lumpur. You can confirm it on the map.


This is my current address now. I hope you can read it.



You can aso see my home address and former address on the Owner Info (Old) page.

How to Contact

You can contact me by email:


Or just comment in this blog.

My Facebook username is badr.nasution. Sigh, it forbid the name albadr. I wanted my username to be albadr.nasution very much. The name of the Facebook’s account is Albadr Nasution, formerly Probatio Diabolica.

My LinkedIn is also Albadr Nasution. It has not been updated for a long time, unfortunately.

Current Daily Activity

Now, I take a cram course for Japanese Language. It is an every weekday study from 08.50 – 12.00. Therefore, it is 15 hours per week. This course start from the very elementary of Japanese.

After that, I usually go back to my room in International House of TUT. My room is in the 5th floor. So, it is quite a feat. Until 1 pm, I take my lunch and do a Dzuhur pray. After that, if I have the mood or have some work/problem, I will go to the laboratory until sunset (usually at 5 pm).

Sunset is the time for Maghrib prayer. Therefore, I usually go to the Toyohashi Masjid straight from laboratory. And then, contrary to the mainstream view of workaholic, I go home. Cook my dinner, eat, and then watch some episode of Anime.

Every Saturday night, I usually go to the Taikukan, to play badminton with friends. We must keep our body moving because winter is coming, right?

Every weekend, usually there is a festival or PPI’s event/trip or shopping time. I almost always join. Currently, I do not own any transportation my self so my shopping always depend on another’s schedule.

I do laundry with the 100-yen washing machine once a week. I eat three times a day almost every day. Cold atmosphere makes you hungry. My rice cooker takes 30-40 minutes to finished boiling the rice, therefore I must got up (from after-Shubuh-prayer’s napping) at least an hour before 8.50 to get breakfast. Once or twice a week, my meal is Indomie. Mostly it is fried eggs, the easiest food to cook. Sometimes I take enough bravery to study (and do experiment of) cooking myself.

I take a bath only once a day in the morning, except after playing badminton and I feel like it.

I never watch TV. I always online, my phone here has Internet on.

I blog whenever I feel like it. No schedule. Only pattern.


My hobby is blogging and watching Anime. I usually watch Shonen and sometimes Seinen. Death Note was my favorite manga. But recently, I fall in love with manga, anime, and music of Shingeki no Kyoujin. I also impatiently wait for Gintama anime come back. Do you know when it will be aired again?

Recently after graduating from my college, I have a new hobby: swimming. But now in Japan is autumn/winter and my university’s swimming pool opens only in Summer.

My favorite food is Pisang Goreng. Drink is Manggo Juice. Color is #00B7EB [Pigment Cyan].

About My Self

Dalam ukuran psikologi, saya cenderung introvert. Ini berarti lebih mudah lelah saat berkegiatan dengan orang lain dan lebih banyak (baca: lebih produktif) menghabiskan waktu berpikir, sendirian. Juga lebih banyak diam mendengarkan daripada berbicara. Tes psikologi 4T pun mengatakan bahwa saya melankolis. 11-12-lah.

Terlepas dari wajah yang katanya sedikit sangar, saya cukup ramah dan mudah bergaul dengan siapa pun. Namun, memang saya kurang suka bermain dalam keramaian. Karena introvert tadi mungkin.

Pembawaan saya adalah santai, berusaha tenang dalam tiap situasi. Tipikal golongan darah A, saya cenderung menyimpan emosi sampai ada yg berkata saya itu poker face. Mungkin itu benar tapi mungkin juga kepada orang terdekat saya lebih ekspresif. Jika kesal atau marah juga saya simpan, sehingga kadang bisa meledak tiba-tiba (jarang).

Kepada teman dekat, saya suka bersikap aneh dengan memberi runut logika yang fatal, interpretasi dialog tidak biasa, dan humor memaksa.

Darah batak saya juga sepertinya masih ada. Saya cukup keras kepala saat diskusi, jika ada ide yang menurut saya benar. Nada bicara saat kondisi seperti ini pun bisa berubah secara tak sadar jadi logat Sumut.

Regarding My Family

Saya adalah anak pertama dari tiga bersaudara. Dua adik berjarak 6 dan 7 tahun dan keduanya sedang mengenyam bangku SMA. Adik pertama saya perempuan, bersekolah di SMA Negeri 1 Tanjungbalai, di kota tempat tinggal keluarga sekarang. Duduk di kelas XII. Adik kedua saya laki-laki, bersekolah di SMA Negeri 1 Plus Matauli, Pandan. Sebuah SMA di Sumatera Utara yang lokasinya di dekat Kota Sibolga, berjarak 10 jam dari rumah. Adik bungsu saya ini duduk di kelas XI.

Kedua orang tua saya merupakan Pegawai Negeri Sipil di Kota Tanjungbalai. Sebelumnya kami tinggal di Kota Metro, Lampung. Saya mengenyam SD, SMP, dan SMA di Kota Metro ini. Namun, karena satu dan lain hal, setelah saya kuliah kami sekeluarga pindah ke Tanjungbalai. Orang tua dan keluarga besar ayah saya ada di kota ini.

Keluarga saya adalah keluarga yang terbuka, tidak membatasi suku dalam menantunya. Juga tidak memiliki syarat atau adat pernikahan tertentu karena memang ayah ibu saya juga berasal dari dua suku berbeda, Mandailing dan Bengkulu.

Criteria for an Ideal Wife

Nice looking muslimah who wear Syar’i Hijab all day. Have the determination to support her husband when up and down. Preferably, willing to live in Japan for a long time and be able to speak Japanese.

No-no. I am joking. No, this is not a marriage proposal, even though half of the contents do come from my bios regarding that. Especially the un-translated one. I won’t share the pdf in this page, of course. It will be an off course.

This is the end of this information. Anything you want to add, please comment in section below.

Correction for the bad English is also welcomed.


  1. Sedang mencari inspirasi orang2 yg jago IT, yg sempet ngajarin, dan iseng ada apa dengan about me..sepertinya ada kode2 untuk sang calon..pake tagar #harapdibaca 😀😀

  2. Yeni says

    Seneng baca blognya..
    Lucu saya suka asik hehehe..
    Ntar kalo saya main ke Jepang boleh diguide please ^,^

    • Alhamdulillah baik fudz. Kamu gimana kabarnya? Sekarang dimana?

      Oh ya, kemaren saya ketemu anak UNILA di Gifu University. Kenal kamu katanya.. Namanya Ali Rahmat.

  3. Lips says

    Senang banget dengan omonganmu. I live in Malaysia and would like to interact with you in English and thus help you indirectly to say out in English. I am a Malay doing English Language at the Blind Vocational Training Centre and am able to understand your ideas put forth, and also have interest in working with the Japanese and culture. I have worked for a long time previously with National Panasonic in the Admin/Accounts/HR capacity.

    • Alhamdulillah baik gan. Udah mulai dingin nih, minggu ini. Parompong kalah. Belum masuk musim dingin padahal. Masih belajar bahasa Jepang nih, persiapan ujian masuk S2. Doakan ya…
      Di Jogja gimana gan? Ada perubahan?

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