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A-Z Archive: V! Challenge ~ Various Effects

Letter V. What are your theme with letter V? At first, it seems hard to find a picture beginning with letter V. But after squeezing my head, I found some picture that will fit the theme. Various pictures. It also begin with V. What a fitting theme for the letter. This is a collection of V picture and I applied some Picasa effect on it.

This picture was taken in front of my rent room. One day, when the morning still dark, I notice that the dawn sky gave this rare violet color. This picture then enhanced with Orlonish effect of Picasa to bring out the silhouette. The scenery that time was priceless and I think the picture is priceless as well. But, if you look at the scene on daytime, it is a very ordinary view actually. Yeah, that’s why I love silhouette picture. They change something ordinary to acceptable or great. Well, the scene at that time was nice though, at least for me.

Violet Vista

This is my high school’s principal’s car. I don’t know what type or brand it is. But it was an old, a vintage car. Well, it IS. This picture is enhanced by 1960’s effect of Picasa so that the antique feeling from the car shine more brightly.

Vintage Vehicle

This is a road from Metro to Sukadana city in Lampung. It’s a 60 kms long road. The quality of the road is top notch said to be designed and built by Japanese constructor not like most of Indonesian’s road that have a tendency to hole every year. This picture is enhanced by boost effect of Picasa to increase the contrast of the picture.

Vanishing Vertex

I found this vignette picture hanging on the wall as a decoration on my friend’s home. The quotes on the decoration said “Deous fortioribus adesse”. I enhanced the picture with vignette effect of Picasa to give a blurred edge on this blurred picture and to match the name. Wow, vignette on vignette.

Vignette Vignette


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