Day: 21 Mei 2012

Travel theme: Summer ~ Monas

As you probably know, here in this tropical country like Indonesian, there is no such thing as season. There is no summer, fall, winter, or spring. We originally have two season: rainy and sunny. We originally have two seasons actually: wet/rainy and dry/sunny, penghujan and kemarau in Indonesian. Penghujan is April to September, when there’s mostly rain (and prob.flood) in that time. Kemarau is October to March when there’s mostly day with bright sun in that time. But due to global warming (maybe), now we face the same phenomenon all time of the year. Random weather. So, when Ailsa invite me to join her photo challenge themed summer, I was blank. Even the official one give that theme one week later. I have no experience in summer yet. But It is a travel theme, isn’t it? Then, I decide to post a photo about my trip to National Monument, Jakarta. Jakarta is very hot, an embodiment of summer, maybe. National Monument (Monas) is our country proud of independence.