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The Glorious Death

I imagine how i’m finished of
What for my life used to
When that time arrive
My last breathing time
And the destiny beneath it
But I choose
I want to die on the best moment
I want to die in the right purpose
I want to die at the highest rank of mission
On the way
To protect my believe
To arise the faith of truth
War of the blue earth
Or battle against thought
Burn the fire of the white flares
Hoist the brave of the black flags
Swing the sword of the bright light
In the name of Islam

So I wonder what will do
So I wonder who will help
So I wonder where will go
So I wonder when will held
But I didn’t have the answer yet
‘Cause I felt broken alone
And have been defeated by the media
I, we
Need a sight and a hand
From you all of my brothers and sisters
Unify entire caliphate to fight together
Then I see through time of the future glory
And now, steps by steps
Te gallant empire starts opening his eye

Lagi lagi puisi yang nemu di binder waktu saya TPB, waktu masih polos dan normal sepertinya. Tidak tahu saya (yg sekarang), konteks saya (yg dahulu) menulis puisi ini apa. Tapi kayaknya agak cocok dengan situasi dunia dan wilayah timur tengah sekarang, hmm…

Puisi yang satu lagi berjudul Sepotong Senja Pantai.

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