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Weekly Photo Challenge : Blue ~ Compilation

This week photo challenge is rather late isn’t it. Yeah, the late turns out to be a rather hard theme. The theme now is blue. But for a while, seeing the theme, i just want the challenge is rather later. Why is that? Because almost all of my blue collection, namely “the Sea”, are just collected to the continuation of the Beautiful Landscape of Mutun Beach and Tangkil Island – part 1 of 3 : The Coast post, namely “the Coast”. I plan to publish it on Saturday. Hope this week theme will be long enough and cover the Saturday part. Hey, it’s late isn’t it. We must delay the next week theme for compensate the time we lost for this weeks. That way, I will have two submission in this weeks theme. KHekhekhe…

For now, I just post what I can. It’s not a great photo but maybe you will enjoy it. I take the photo years ago when I was in high school.

Tiny Broken Glass

Water Play on the Boat

Toba Lake, North Sumatera, Indonesia

Toba Lake, North Sumatera, Indonesia

Toba Lake, North Sumatera, Indonesia

Toba Lake, North Sumatera, Indonesia

For a whole post about lake toba, check Jalan-jalan ke Danau Toba : Parapat and Jalan-jalan ke Danau Toba : Samosir.


Blue and Black

And don’t forget to check another participant here. Thank you.


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  7. Lovely photos; I like the second one with the hand in the water, but what catches my eye in that photo is the wood of the boat…I love that old wood with just a chip of blue paint on it. Great!

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  11. Wonderful, I love the broken glass but the second one is my favourite, with the hand trailing in the water, Beautiful. xxx Ailsa

  12. DagEnDauw says

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.
    Your pictures here, are beautiful as well. I prefer the one of the broken glass,
    The capture and color is great!

    • You are welcome… Thanks for visiting too…
      The glass one is just for fun and experiment actually. It is one centimeter wide. I never expected it will be like that with my K790i camera. Glad you like it..

  13. Hi there, I especially love the photo of the broken glass, very powerful. These are great pictures. 🙂

    • Hi too.. Thank you for visiting again this week. Glad you like it.
      Never expected the first photo to be liked by everyone. Well, maybe a non mainstream (blue associated with sea or sky is mainstream right?) is better after all.

  14. autumninbruges says

    Nice pictures! Thanks for including me in the related posts. How did you do that? Is there a specific function to include related articles at the end of the post? I’d love to do it as well… Thank you!

    • Thanks for visiting. Glad you like it.
      You can activate zemanta on your wordpress blog dashboard options. Zemanta will provide you with related articles when you type or by keywords you provide. If it doesn’t enough you can do it manually though, make a list of link or just copy from another person’s blog. Hope it helps.
      (But maybe too much related link like this post is considered a spam though, maybe i am too overboard. I can’t hold back this week.)

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