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Sijo Kowi

Meanwhile in alternate universe…

Gucul: “Hey, Mek… I don’t know you also got into Kowi.”

Lemek: “No bro. I am just wondering why everyone watch it nowadays. So, I pick up random volumes from the store.”

Gucul: “Hoho… Newbie, huh. Welcome to world of man, man.”

Lemek: “World of man your knee… I am still uncertain why many people love this animation. It lacks action.”

Ute: “A kiddy will never understand a political thriller. “

Gucul: “Ute… You surprised me man… Don’t show up suddenly like that.”

Ute: “Sorry guys, a little late. As usual, traffic. And I saw you guys discussing this masterpiece. So I cannot interrupt you.”

Lemek: “Masterpiece huh? I don’t see why you have that believe.”

Ute: “That’s because you only watch the likes of hyperman, incredibleman, and coolwoman! That’s kid show. You don’t need a brain to watch that kind of show.”

Gucul: “I am with you for those shows, Ute. But, I think kiddy will not have a problem watching this. I mean, if they watch it from episode one I am sure everybody will love it.”

“You know, a guy who aims to be world leader. World domination! Who does not have that dream as a child! That’s why many likes super power film. Everyone know it is easier to become ruler of the world with it.”

“Not to mention the main character is a village boy. A naive, pure-hearted boy… He maybe not one of the intelligent boys you can find. People make a fool of him. But he has the charm…”

Lemek: “Nah… I don’t know what is the charm from this guy here in the cover.”

Ute: “Well, I cannot agree more with that Mek. But Gucul’s point is, even a guy like this can do if he tried. With that sort of premise, audience become curious with this story.”

“Because, you know, a fictional story set your expectation and have to deliver their promise finally in the end. That means making this guy here a world leader. Really? Unexpected right? Curious premise. Therefore, audiences want to watch his struggle. His determination. How he do it. From zero.”

Gucul: “I don’t like your wording Te. ‘Even a guy like this can do if he tried‘ and ‘This unexpected guy here‘. I think he has the aura from the get go. He will not become one of the MCs if he doesn’t have the skill.”

Ute: “I guess you don’t know what the meaning of ‘characterization’ huh?”

“It will be more interesting if the main character has the opposite of the kind of goal he set in mind and later developed it. Or it will be more interesting if he never developed it at all and still reach the goal. And that’s why I think it is as good as masterpiece.”

“It is clearly shown in the Soul Arc what kind of character this Kowi is. Just look at his mainstream face!”

Gucul: “That’s face of the people!”

Ute: “I guess watching only super hero story dull your mind. Thank god I never watch kiddy drama.”

Gucul: “Hey, I am not Lemek. I also watch detectives, brain stuff.”

Lemek: “You guys, take me for a fool huh? I spent money to bought these volumes you know. I am seriously trying to understand what’s good with this story now.”

“And can you just shut up when I am watching. I hate people who watch a movie without full attention. And of course I hate people distracting my full attention while watching a movie.”

Gucul: “By the way, this is Natelekt Arc, isn’t it?”

Ute: “Guess so… I forgot it already. Watch it long time ago…”

Gucul: “Wait a minute, long time ago? Isn’t the newest volume is just right after this natelect finished? The long-awaited Presd Arc…

Ute: “Of course for the volume sale on store and aired on TV. I watch it on overseas site.”

Gucul: “Cih, you and your trickery…”

Ute: “I hold my title as ‘Otaku’ proudly you know. Oh, hey look… My waivu…

Gucul: “Oh, Matana… Sure she is beautiful.”

Ute: “Yeah, a shame she is on TUC side. I was rooting for WWF after all. I still rooting for them now.”

Lemek: “Wait, what? Aren’t Kowi is in TUC? Why are you rooting for the MC’s opponents?”

Ute: “Well… Story wise, I thought rooting for the opponent will prolong the Caps Arc. It just… too short. I wanted to see more of the capital after all.”

“Another thing, the Federation’s guy, Praise, is a lot cooler. Military man. Handsome. Fluent. Capable. Charismatic. Just the opposite of Kowi. If TUC and Sijo Kowi lose in this natelect, he would get more character development for sure.”

“Or so I thought. Won’t spoil you but the Presd Arc will be a very long one. Many development will happen in this arc.”

Lemek: “I see. As expected from ‘otaku’.”

Gucul: “Oh… and I hoped just a little bit more, one step again for becoming the fuhrer and dominate the world.”

Ute: “One more thing. I thought ‘The Ultimate Coalition’ sounds lamer. As expected from the main character.”

Lemek: “That’s true. It is lame. “

Gucul: “But weren’t you moved to seeing him struggle? White White Federation is composed of major power house of the time. Kowi with his naivete, supported only by his lone party. With your theory of “the story’s premise and delivery of the story’s promise” and “character development”, I think you must have on the side of MC. I did. And see the results, he…”

Lemek: “Stop it. I hate spoilers…” Covering his ears.

Gucul: “… by a slight margin.”

Ute: “Yeah, it is a though call. But in general, I always try to take the opposite of the main character. You heard my theory, right? Story will deliver their premise and promise. Why bother rooting for them, if he guaranteed to win.”

“Story wise, look at that lone party of him. The people behind the Shady organization. World’s notorious generals; Mr. Wire, Mr. Tres, Mr. Bien and all the line up. And are you satisfied of him being only shade of the cloud? I prefer him to try again next year by himself.”

Gucul: “No no no. I don’t think he will be just a shade. He has the power of people, and us, audience. And did you forget that Praise was also a bad general? Murderer…”

Ute: “Abduction technically. And it is just a rumor! And statistically, 7 lost people is better than a village. And I don’t need to show you (around) volume 68 again to make a point right? The MC’s master, Mrs. Claudia, the cloud user, acknowledge Praise herself as vice president in previous national election.”

Gucul: “Yeah-yeah… But you also forgot many subtle hint that he really did it. The victims family, the HRW report, and the rumor. Besides, Wire and friends’ is also just a rumor, right? They are clean.”

Ute: “I think there is no clean military general in real world unless the just a freeloading in the army. And ah, you haven’t watch the side story of latest volume aren’t you? The confession. Flashback to General Wire past when the genocide happened…”

Lemek: “Again, please. Stop it you guys… I really hate being spoiled!”

Gucul: “I am just saying that I am rooting for the MC, not the people behind him. And by your ‘theory of character development’, this kind of setting will make Kowi better and more interesting.”

Ute: “Well, that’s true. But, I thought that this discussion is about which side of party to root for in the Natelekt Arc. Not which side to pick IN the story.”

Lemek: “Guysss…. I saidd…”  “Ah, Matana Jawa. She appeared again…”

Ute, Gucul: “What? Where?”

Gucul: “Sstt… Ute… You h-have watched until latest episode, haven’t you? Do you think they will start the United Earth arc soon?”

Ute: “I don’t think soo… As I said, current arc will be very long one. It has many sub-arcs. It will compensate the Caps arc at least.”

Gucul: “Hmm… After this Presd Arc, I am wondering whether they will do a kind of regional or continent battle. Is it any kind of hint as far as the latest episode? Any info? Will our guy finally attack other country”

Ute: “I don’t know. There are many speculation on the net. And world’s structure in the story’s universe is not described in full yet. But Kowi is president of a country now. They must tell us state of the world sooner or later. At least after “

Lemek: “I think there will be at least continent arc. They debated whether Southern Azlan authority can do free trade within the country in the previous episode of this one.”

Ute: “Oh really? I guessed I missed that hint.”

Gucul: “And you call yourself a ‘otaku’ huh? Lemek is better than you.”

Ute: “It’s because he just watched it! I am at disadvantaged here.”

Lemek: “Ssh…”

  … a while later …

Gucul: “Hey… H-hey, Te… Te… “, with slow whispering voice.

“You s-said before that some big bad general finally confess… D-did something happen to another key person? And h-how about Mrs. Claudia? Can Sijo finally be cleared f-from  the clouds?”

Ute: “Haha… You must watch the New Police Force-Arc.” Bright smile blossom in his face.

 “It will surprise everyone what kind of high level of politic he pulled out. It also involves corru…”

Lemek: “Guyss… I can heard you…”

… a little while later …

Gucul: “Te… “, with a very faint voice.

“I t-think the best one is still the Soul Arc…

Ute: “Y-yeah… I guess every faction within the story and within fans will agree on that one.”

Gucul: “I know, right? Especially when he pulled that… W-what? His special move…”

Ute: “What? Did you mean ‘decompose‘? The action to spread and blend to people without notice?”

Gucul: “Yeah, that one. Very clever and just like him, right? A village boy. But everyone respect him because of it and who thought that he can make that automobile breakth-“

Lemek: “GUYSS!”

His hand fly to Gucul’s mouth. Gucul is startled with Lemek’s sudden attack. Ute is protecting his face with his hand because of survival instinct.

Lemek: “You do realize that I haven’t watch that part too, right? Don’t spoil me.”

Ute: “But, this episode is in the middle, right? How come you haven’t watched the arc before this?”

Gucul: “No, he just bought it.”

Lemek: “Yeah, I just bought it. Randomly. So, shut your mouthes and watch with me with smile or just start making the report for our project!”

Gucul: “Wait… You are still watching. You intend to make us work by ourselves?”

Ute: “Yeah, it’s not fair.”

Lemek: “It is also not fair for not telling me about this story beforehand. You made me out of the loop.”

Ute, Gucul: “…”

Lemek: “Just start the work. Tell me if you have some problems. I am busy now.”

Ute: “Okay…” 

Gucul: “You’re the boss…”

With bright smile they left the sofa.

Ute: “What a spoiled kiddy…”

Ute, Lemek, Gucul: “Hahaha….”

Loud laughing, rock music background, and high pitched voices of peoples arguing in some kind of heated debate in the big screen while throwing floating transparent chart and text are decorating the living room.

Gucul: “Hey Ute… Do you think they will make a real-enactment for the series?”

Ute: “Live action, A.R./V.R., or Holo is highly probable. R.E.? Hah! Hell no… It’s way too complicated. Even though our technology has been advanced enough to make certain story realized within real life, I think this story is too long, too convoluted, and too fiction. No way they can pulled that kind of story on real life. “

“Not to mention no one want many factions and political move on the story exist within reality. I don’t, at least. Well, it is not even possible anyway. No, this kind of story will not happen in real life.”

Lemek: ‘”I will not live peacefully if such ‘Game of Throne’ exist within my real life. Some fan-boys debating which faction is worth rooting for is annoying enough. R.E. for this…? No thanks.”

Ute: “You got my point.”

Gucul: “Just let the story flows within the story, huh… I want to see Matana up close though,,”

Ute: “Cannot argue with that…”


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