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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary ~ Yu Siti

Yu Siti standing behind her ATBM (Alat Tenun Bukan Mesin – Non Machines Looms)

Yu Siti is the owner of Tenun Lurik YuSiti SME (small medium enterprise) in Cawas, Central Java, Indonesia. Tenun is one of our traditional clothing technique. In English term maybe it called weaving.

Just like I mention on the last week photo challenge titled Batik, I and friends created a start-up company Sandang Indonesia which one of the purpose is to help artisans of countryside SME to promote their product online (free of charge, of course). Our ultimate objective is to preserve Indonesian culture of clothing. Yu Siti is one of the artisans that we visited on Cawas.

In the picture here, she stood behind her ATBM while explaining how her SME built and operated from last five year since she was just a solitary person. Thanks god, her SME now can stand with her own feet and she have a couple of worker on the Tenun’s factory.

Full story of Sandang Indonesia’s visit to Yu Siti house can be read here at Sandang Indonesia’s blog.

And the last, I want to ask you something about photography thing. Which one do you think better from two pictures above? Black-White version, or original color?

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  1. Richert Manjarres says

    Nice picture. i personally prefer color in this one for the color of the threads.

  2. Sanctified Brother says

    The color picture is the better choice. It shows the color of the material. In photography you can use color to tell a story, show a mood, or emphasize something. Each picture has its own problem to solve, so you have to consider each one on its own.

  3. I,commonly prefer black-white photos, but ,in this case, maybe for the loom and its threads,or for the atmosphere around the woman, I give my vote to the colour!

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