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Usual Routine

Osh.. Long time no see… Well you know, aren’t you. About my owner’s usual routine on updating me, haha… Excited to fill the blog – three months writing random stuff regularly – and finally, six months hiatus.  Yeah, it’s not he doesn’t want to post anything, bored, don’t have anything to write, or anything sort like that. No. I know him the most. But you know… One does not simply get himself disciplined, does it?

Seeing WordPress after long time, wow.. Totally different when my last waking time… I am certain my owner surprised when he logged in. So many new feature. What is it? Follow. Wow, you can follow other’s blog now? And you can write new post right on the front page of your dashboard. You can post just a photo or video, like tumblr. The layout is totally new and maybe there are new themes too. Yeah, it’s refreshing and i’m very very excited.

So once again yeah, it’s March and i’m starting to get excited to be written anything random from my owner’s head. So, looks forward to it, okay! (As if, i have that many readers…)

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