Sastra dan Cerpen
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Vast and blue
Where I reside today
So many stars burning
Planets dancing beautifully
Comets running hurriedly
I am here to finish a duty
Chase the falling rock
Swirl the galaxy
Set the ray balance
Evaluate the structure
Assess the source of magic
Assist the angel of light

Suddenly the faerie doors opened
And you comes out of the blue sky
At last we met
In the same realm
In this Orphic world we met
Magical things do happen
 You spread your wings and move forward
Welcome to the heavenly world, we greet
Do you have a gift to offer to this world’s resident
Oh faraway princess?
And then you only give a smile
But that is enough to silence the air
The air in this atmosphere
But not in Agartha
Storm raged
Rain blazed
As if it will be the end of this day
Just because you are here
In this time and space
In this fragment
Of life

Standing in the wind
And diving to the cloud
You explore the sky
Seeking the angel
That choose the path
The fate you will go through
I observe you from afar
As you set your tent near my land
You hesitate for a while
But continue for the land is empty
The drift set us apart
You there and I here
And the doors opened again
Two creature
From the same land as you once sent away
Sojourn this ether
Then comes from the cloud
Shines brightly
The great angel welcomes them
With the words only you can grasp
But you’re not moving an  inch
In your stance

Holy sound echoed
Vibrate the particle of air
Hail me to the sacred place
I visit my tent to take some equipment
For the journey
As I come near
You fly away
Just like leaves
Blown by the wind
With courage  I descend to the earth
Leaving you
With the rain I go down
And then run above the ground

In the stairway to heaven
Coincidentally we meet again
Levitate to the sky together
We stand in this craft
To the heaven
In the rainbow we sit side by side
Almost but I am alone
You open your book of rune
With your glossy ink
You write intently
And chatter happily with the butterfly beside you
Then another kind of creature approach you
And ask you about the runes
You tell a story about the fingerprint of universe
A trace that will open a portal to the Rome
I just quietly listen to your voice
Standing still here
Distracting, Reacting, when necessary
Even in this space
We never address each other
Some scholar theorize that the princess
Have something precious
Something hidden that prevent her
To greet the same kind of you
But I believe it’s just you
And your belief
My belief of you
To protect

Roar loudly
Emit radiant ray
Flash the speed of light
Eradicate everything it struck
It seems will come not so far away
You pack
Spread the wings
Turn back to the astral
With the butterflies
Leaving me alone here in the Orphic world
And that conclude our encounter today


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