Sastra dan Cerpen
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So at last we met
It was almost exactly as I envisioned
Great as always wearing the same cloth you used to wear
I found you walking in front of me
Your presence greatly slowed my pace down as I walked behind you
You walked slowly savoring your time in here
Feeling the atmosphere around you
I walked slowly behind you
Avoiding to crossed path with you

Well, actually I was quite in a hurry back then
I think I could walk pass you as if nothing happened
But it was just too risky
What would I say if your gaze fall upon me
What would I say when you notice
So I just walked slowly behind you

Because I did not have the courage to converse with you
Nor I had the word to say
No… I did have some word to say
I had envisioned this after all
I just…
I almost never talked to you at all in normal occasion
Maybe we hadn’t supposed to, to be exact
And I just didn’t have the courage 

I knew why you’re  here
And where was your destination
One of the two was the place I  going to
If we were heading to same location
It was bad for me I think
I would just turn into a mess and awkward encounter
And I knew it wouldn’t be great 

Suddenly something drew your attention
You stopped

As if you wanted to block my way
You just stopped there in the middle of this narrow path
Stood in front of that small gate
Fixated your gaze to one giant object
Well, it was normal I think
I was nearly surprised too to see that thing
But, this turn of event made me numb and panicked
I just couldn’t turn back
It’s just too strange and too obvious
What if you noticed that I was right behind you when I turned away
Was it just made me like a jerk avoiding a person I know
(which was exactly what I doing)
But I also couldn’t stop and wait
I would looked like a foolish 

I decided to get past through you while your gaze fixed
Pretending not seeing you there
Pretending to be tied with my cellphone
I walked forward
I knew it’s rude not to greet people
Especially someone you didn’t see often and after long
But, held to the thought that my summoner was top priority
I made haste while crossing the gate where you stand
Increased my walking pace to the place I going to
Almost run with mixed feeling
Chose the shortest path
The path I always use
And maybe the path you always use too

Arriving at my destination, I knew that your destination was not here
I relieved and felt shame at the same time
At least I didn’t have to force myself to greet you
And accidentally made an awkward conversation
A moment later, I realized that my summoning here is not that important
It was just a thing that could be done remotely
Sigh, such a disappointment
Saving my time
And then from the sky I saw your figure
Walked the path you always cross
Then I was wondering why I was here
Summoned for a mere ten minutes business
Or why even I have to avoid you
Maybe god just wanted to play with me and what I imagined
This was just looked exactly like my vision
Except the fact that in the front was you
And I chose to not speak at all 

Now here I am
Having my head dizzy
Maybe because of you
Or just because of the troubled wind
Wasting hours to writing this piece of letter
While wondering why it’s so hard using past tenses

I write this for practicing (or maybe not). I beg you correct my grammar mistake if you find any.

Albadr Nasution


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