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Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship (2) ~ The Friendship Monument

This is my second submission for this week’s WordPress’ weekly photo challenge themed friendship. For the first submission, please head to Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship that feature my candid picture with friends in various group.

This picture below is a monument located in the center of my college’s campus: Bandung Institute of Technology. The monument is called “Friendship Monument”. The text in the monument read “Sekali Teman Tetap Teman” which mean “Once Friend, Forever Friend” in English.

Friendship Monument of Plaza Widya Nusantara, Bandung Institut of Technology

Near the monument, there is a pond called Indonesia Tenggelam “sinking Indonesia”. It is featured in my first friendship submission here. Some time ago, we have tradition to throw off a friend to the pond called on his birthday. Everyone catch the birthday person and bring him to the center of campus and swing him off the pond.

Catch the birthday one!
Catch the birthday one!
And throw him to the hell! Um, pond I mean.
And throw him to the hell! Um, pond I mean.

A truly friendship. You can’t be friend before you play prank to each other, can you? 

Post something themed Friendship yourself and check what others come up with Friendship picture.

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  11. Exciting and fun. When we are among true friends, we can be ourselves, be vulnerable, do crazy stuff with acceptance. The last two photos reminded of a similar past. First we throw the birthday boy then we all jump in. It was an awesome time. With friends we can laugh without worries. And yes, make sure no phones or wallet. Friends need to be sensitive to the safety of each others. thanks.

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