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If you somehow familiar with English, please correct me if you find any spelling, grammar, or logic mistake in this post and in any post in this blog. I beg you. Feel free to use the comment box.

I began to frequently update this blog again in March 2012. Not so long ago. Previously this blog had a vacuum for five months, as usual. And then like tradition before, my first post after vaccuum is an announcement that this blog revive voiced by the blog itself.

I started the blog with a rather controversial post: about student’s cheating network on School’s National Exam. Unexpected for me, this post succeed to raise blog visitor from tenth before to three digit two days later. [Of course, this result only last on that two days, whatever raise fast will fall faster] Many people likes controversial story, I think. At that time, I connected my blog to my Facebook account. My account has been known to public. Maybe they reshared my post because of kinship feeling.

Different from the past, I have target to write post everyday. This time it’s different than before. My blogging friends have increased considerably. At least, I started to know the people. Facebook is there and connected. Many people forced to watched. Therefore, postaday project that proclaimed by is a realistic thing.

To ensure an idea, I scheme some topics. At one time, for example once a week, all post is tied to a certain topic. The concept is the same as my past. But maybe it is more organized this time. The scope of chosen topic is more general and easy to improve. To ensure more, some title to that topic is listed and drafted. Finally, I design the transition post between topic for smooth shift.

That is the big difference between the past blog and the present blog. In the past everything is mood dependent, in the present everything is planned. Maybe I just have more spare time now. This March to May, I have incorporated five topics. Every topics bore some writings not just two or three like in the past. This is the result post, sorted by date for each topic.

Indolish, related to abundance and excessive loan words from English that increasingly used this day

Sepilis, related to secularism, pluralism, and liberalism that become more intense to attack Indonesia

Tourist, related to some places that I visited before

Social Network, related to friendship concept, web social network, and society

Around Blog, related to all topic about blog and this blog including some opinion to write a good blog

In the transition between pergaulan to seputar blog topic, I write a post that derived from both topic. Therefore, the transition between two topic will not noticed. Smooth. Has a red thread to the posts. To catch this red thread, I can’t post an article based on my mood in a time. It will break the flow.

In near future, topics that I planned are language, logic, and anime. Blog and languade is certainly related. Language and logic is tied to one another because sometimes language need a good reasoning. Let’s see what logic and anime have in common later.

I also join some photo challenge. Joining means posting some photos related to the announced theme from challenger. For my hobby, it is more than enough. It’s good to bring some eyes to your blog and increase interaction in the blog. Therefore, the motivation to fill this blog is increased too. I use the photo challange post to fill the gap when I don’t have any stock to post in some day. In this fashion, may post a day target is safe.

Beside topics, I always do serial post. That means dividing a long post to some chunk OR writing some post that continued for some time. Example to the first one is a writing series of Mutun Beach and Tangkil Island that written not on the tourist topic timeline. Some article in a topic will be di. Example to the second one is a writing series of post titled name of days started from FridayThursday, and later. This series tells a story about my encounter to certain someone filled with poem, prose, and hyperbola. By writing a series, I have many stocks to spare to reach my post a day target. But, for flow purpose, I try to not post posts like this too much.

My writing style now is engraved in this article. You can read it. Short sentence and simple meaning. Is there really a difference from the past style?

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