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If you somehow familiar with English, please correct me if you find any spelling, grammar, or logic mistake in this post and in any post in this blog. I beg you. Feel free to use the comment box.

Just like I said before in the previous article, I am maintaining this blog with a blue print line. I follow my plan about main topics of the blog and the associated articles. I also join the photo challenges to fill the blog’s gap, introduce my life in picture to the world, fulfill my photograph hobby, and invite some eyes to the blog. With this plan, I succeed filling this blog everyday with a content and practice writing with various topic. This blog main purpose will be reached.

This maintenance style is a great success. My first target to not miss a day to post on May, thanks to god, can be reached successfully. On the WordPress statistic analysis, my blog visitor is exponentially increased compared to before. Alhamdulillah.

At last, May without hole day is reached

But, this maintenance style is driving me mad. The workload to manage this blog is surprisingly becomes very high for me. For example, writing thisthis, dan this article, was really pain in the ass. My idea was stuck somewhere. Didn’t have the mood to finish it. Laziness came up to the surface. I wanted to delay it badly but deadline’s haunted me. Yeah, it’s like when you got a homework or assignment from your college’s course. Never been pleasant. Just like that. But, I don’t neglect the fact that I am really satisfied when I finish that. Feels like some burden lifted from your shoulder. And the most important is you have the feeling of leveling up like some heroes in the game. Your writing at last improved. Yeah, maybe sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad. But the do assignment analogy is perfect. College’s assignment is there to train us, isn’t it?

That oppressed feeling is really uncomfortable. I fell I am not enjoying writing blog. In the past, I wrote my blog at will. I wrote article when I wanted to write it most. In this fashion, I felt happy. No load at all. Now, to write an article I need to abundance time. The course credit’s is high. I need to read here and there before. I need to think the article framework. Even, finding and arranging photo takes very long time. And I don’t really know whether these attempt improve my writing quality or not.

For a while, maybe I will maintain this maintenance style. I hope it works. But, in the future I want to be more free and unimpended in writing something. Of course, with retaining the filling blog a day routine involved. I want my blog(s) to have a theme but I am happy to write it. I don’t know how, yet though. What trick to use.

I also want to have a simple writing style. Easy to understand and pay attention to language structure. But, I also want to retain my feature like my writing style in the past. With phrase and figurative. I want the writing confusing but easy enough to understand. Well, even I feel hard to imagine that.

Yeah, the point is I want my writing beneficial to the reader not just random post like this time. Of course, that target with my enjoyment in mind. I want to be like my friends that writes on some media. Some of them even publish their own book. Wow, I really-really want to be like them.

For the time being, lets focus so that my blog never been in agony like occurred several times before in the past.

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