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Constant Moving and Perfect Plan

I have been in constant moving for the past four weeks, (read again, moving not “running”!) or at least I felt so. Body felt tired. More than one time I thought I caught a cold but I could not down yet, because you know, I am still have to move. In that in mind, my body persevered with the help of “Tolak Angin” (dispel the cold, a spices-based drink/medicine). Today, the moving is almost finished so suddenly head felt heavy and body no power.

I have been constantly moving. Everyday. If you see my Google’s location history for the past month, it span from Japan to Indonesia, and half of Aichi Prefecture.

Loc Hist

Thinking about it, it was so perfectly planned. And of course, so much fun. It started August 8th, I went to Nagoya for study trip to Denso with my scholarship’s arrangement. After that, my friends from Tokyo came and we planned to Tahara at 9th and Nagoya for firework seeing again at 10th. Due to typhoon, the former was canceled and the later was delayed. Hmff, not so perfect but at least it was force majeure.

August 11th, I and my friend flew to Malaysia and at 12th we played in KL for a half day and then alas went back home, Indonesia. It was our first time going home after I studied in Japan. I went to Medan and he went to Jogjakarta. Speaking of KL, it was good city with good transportation… But when I went there, I kept telling my self to stop judge people with Japanese standard, every time.

My home is 4 hour from Medan so I arrived at home night time. For the next seven days I played around Tanjungbalai, my hometown. Even though I am at home almost all the time, I would not say that I was taking a rest, because you know, I had to meet many people (mostly grand family members) and visit some places or practicing my driving skill or eating many food or struggling for driving license (I failed). It was a vacation, and vacation is not necessarily a “rest”. I was “moving” after all.

Of course, ravaging a mountain of durian is part of the plan

Of course, ravaging a mountain of durian is part of the plan

August 19th, I flew to Bandung. It was 2.5 hours therefore it was far, maybe farther than Okinawa to Hokkaido. For the next 4 days, I had a conference at my former university, Institute Technology of Bandung. First days was my presentation, the next was watching colleague’s presentation, sightseeing, and meeting old friends, then conversing two hours straight with my former supervisor and meeting some other old friends again. Busy days. Interesting days. So much fun. I went back to Japan August 23th.

Thinking about it, it was so perfectly planned. Places. Flight time. Prices. Route. Lists. Contacts. I just need a guts to do it. But I didn’t. It is devastating. Then what, I was just staring at the ceiling or wandering aimlessly with the huge baggage. I guess it suck to be a coward. The feel of not doing something you wanted to do, you planned, not because an external reason or force majeure, but just because you hesitate, is well suck very unpleasant. This leave mark for the perfect plan. I think I don’t want to feel it ever again. If I want to taste a pear, I will buy it even though it is overpriced (540 yen). As long as it is not contradict your ideals, religion, and law, well do it.

Ahh, I want Martabak Ponorogo San Fransisco and Ayam Talago Biru very much now. Regret. Is not fun.

Next day at 4 pm, I arrived at my dormitory. Such a long journey then I suddenly had to cook my own food, and my fridge was empty. I was very tired and the next days at 7 am I had to go again. No time to spare uh. For the next two weeks I had internship in Gamagori, the city next to Toyohashi.

Toyohashi to Gamagori is about 1.5 hours. I think I explain my route in my previous article but in brief, it was tiring. I left home at 7.08 am and came back at about 8 pm. Then I had to cook my dinner and next day’s bento lunch (or I will be starving the next day). Finished at 10 pm and the time to sleep. After I woke up, I had to continue the routine again and again. In two weeks, I was weary. Two years, maybe I will be crazy. Yeah, internship is supposed to give you some feeling of working, right? After experiencing it, I suppose working is not at all fun. Argh, university days is so much better…

After the last day of internship, right after home, while holding dizziness and nausea, I wrote this. Because I don’t want to miss something that I plan/want to do ever again. Why in English? Maybe because currently I am reading an English novel. Or maybe because I always spoke English or Japanese for the past two weeks. I almost didn’t meet any Indonesian people, because well I was working. Note: I don’t consider “chatting” as speaking.  I did converse in Indonesian a little though, with a Japanese guy that came to Indonesia once. It was very amusing.

Taking trains and humans photo is my temp hobby in the period of Toyohashi-Gamagori commuting

I did meet Indonesian folks on weekend, between the two weeks of internship. On that account, I also did not have a rest on weekend. My idea of a rest is well, you know, not moving. Just staying at home without doing anything. So doing barbeque outdoor is definitely not a rest. Thus, the last time I had a rest i.e. not moving was four weeks ago. I am tired.

Thinking about it, it was a perfectly planned month.

So, how do you think? This is my first time in life to have a everyday plan for two months straight. I heard Japanese people usually have that kind of far planning. Do you like to have such a strictly planned time? A perfect plan? Or do you prefer enjoying life without any schedule, doing anything when you wish to do it? And do you ever regret not to do something you wanted|planned before? Plan is something to do at any cost? Which one do you think is worse, regretting something you did or you did not? If you have any comment, please write in the comment box.

This article is written on September 5th. Although my constant moving is over at next Monday, actually, I have discrete moving for the next two/three weeks. Discrete means in between I have to go back to every day university’s laboratory style working for weekdays. I also have a midterm presentation, half-yearly judgement days for my research at September 8th. In  weekend, I have to do moving again. So no rest for next three weeks. Seeing turtle’s baby, lab trip, then farewell party for very beloved friends and dai-senpais. Then a kind of Indonesian student’s world congress in Tokyo, I am not sure. Finally, I have to move to a new apartment. Busy days.

Strictly speaking, the only time I plan (read: have time) to take a rest is this weekend (tomorrow and the next). If I do not take this rest, I don’t know whether my body will hold or not (endure for another three week???). But those days with “rest” plan on it also suddenly filled with an event. A kind of camping? However, that is outside of plan, so well… Dunno about that. I also have to prepare the judgment day thingy, aren’t I?

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