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Beautiful Landscape of Mutun Beach and Tangkil Island – part 3 of 3 : The Island

Summer. What does summer mean to you? Maybe most of you will think summer is hot or summer is life with glimmering sunny day or a time that you can go outside more. But, here in tropical country there is no season like that. Oh, maybe there is always season like that every day in a year. So I never exactly experience a summer day before.  For me, maybe summer means play. Summer means travelling. Ultimately, summer means beach and sea.

Pictured above: The Beach on Tangkil Island

Continuing the other two part, here I will present you the island of Tangkil in front of Mutun Coast, Lampung. If you don’t read the past part, head to part 1 : the Coast and part 2 : the Sea or you will regret it.  Mutun Coast and Tangkil Island both are a famous beach travel site on Lampung, Indonesia. The Sumatrean beach near Sunda Strait give you a nice sensation of calm sea and wind. It’s a perfect place to do a summer holiday or summer camp.

Tangkil Island is the place you don’t want to pass if you ever come to visit Lampung. Crossing the island by a boat for 20 minutes approximately, we can get there. The boat fee is cheap for just 2 dollars per person (20.000 rupiahs). No worry. You can ask the boatman to pick you up at appointed time. Easy.

The Beach on Tangkil Island

Once you get on the island, you can see a simple theme park with beautiful white sand. There is some cottage for leisure activity. You can also rent some snorkeling or swimming equipment there. But, the one you will want to see the most is on the back of the island. In the back, there is a beach with amazing scenery hundreds times the one in front. This beach is rather rocky. By rock, I mean a huge one. A cool one.

Rock big and small

A Huge Rock

Rock everywhere!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot that you can stay on the island. There is an inn in the island so you can stay over and play on the island at night. Unfortunately, I don’t know what it’s like. I don’t have a chance to try it yet. Must be a great or eerie experience. Well, the forest there is still intact you know.

Forest Border

And that is my story when I was visiting the beach tourist in 2007. It was a great visit. even though it’s far in the past I believe the scenery there as I portrayed in this three post. I hope to visit it again sometime in the near future. If you have a chance to visit Indonesia especially Lampung, don’t forget to stop by.

Mutun Beach and Tangkil Island : Fin.

Check also the other part of Mutun Coast and Tangkil Island post and see what other thinks when you mention summer to them.

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  1. Lampung! It was very nice, had a trip to Lampung. Its beaches are so adorable. I’d prefer Lampung than Bali or Lombok.

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