Sastra dan Cerpen
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Silent Response

I cant deny that. How so?
Such a fine lady. Smart, good looking, good family, and above all excellence at religion.
Which sane person doesnt have any desire to know her more closely.
But, you know right? Such a high level person.
I dont think my self can hold that great of aura, that great responsibility.
I cant compare her, at least for now.
So, if a great warrior just happen to passes by and comes to take her,
i’ll make my best respect and gratitude.
But if you ask me, whether i will struggle for it if i have the chance.
Maybe i’ll take that chance.
To repair myself, to bend my self.
To take a leap of faith.

In Response to Some Questions
Me, At My Heart,
Panorama Nusantara, Sunda Strait, Indonesia
September 06th, 2011

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