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If you somehow familiar with English, please correct me if you find any spelling, grammar, or logic mistake in this post and in any post in this blog. I beg you. Feel free to use the comment box.

I made this blog without a goal. There was no end point that I wanted to reach with the help of this blog. And then at last sometime later I put my main reason to maintain this blog: to sharpen my writing. Yeah, maybe another purpose is to spread my idea or share my story of what’s happening in the world around me to the world but that first purpose is still intact to this day.

The content of my blog was real randomness (maybe until today it still filled with randomness). There is no special trait. Yeah, this was/is not some abnormalism because other people’s blog is filled with the same randomness. Not organized. Can’t be helped, that is the principle of a web log. You can post anything without any prior editing (well, you can actually put an editing stage on your writing progress) to some sampe reader or real editor. You fill what your heart and your thought say. You write on your own fashion, with your own story. Well, there is some that specialize themselves to specific content, ie some unique thing or photography, but it is not this blog.

The said content randomization is compounded by the randomization of date/time writing. Yeah, I didn’t have a routine or nor schedule to fill the blog. Didn’t know why, it’s dry, the idea. And then, even when the idea was there, the chance to write it was none. Even though the draft was finished written on text editor software Microsoft word. Yeah, maybe it is just a fake excuse that constructed by the electrical impulse network that revolve inside my perinacrium.

Just like now, I was planned to fill the blog with some posts with same theme. At least, it would decrease the randomness dose in the blog so that a cohesion line on the posts can be written, post by post. Some theme (that I remember) that I have aired is four element, communication, and holiday holy day.

Unfortunately, this theme was just a temporal impulse after all with no further scheme. Every said theme can only rake two or three article. Well, the theme was just some impulse passed in neuron after all. The writing that success to be publicized in the blog can be read on the link below :

Four Element
Holiday holy day
Well, even though the writing is very few for every theme, I made the special category dedicated for every theme. At that point, I don’t have any idea about tag. But, that useless category is now gone from the face of this blog of course.

My companion to write the blog in that primordial time is just my close friends from high school. My college’s friend’s blog that I know can be counted by one hand. It was purely my fault actually that I didn’t google theme one by one. But, I was wondering, why the hell there is no blog community here in Bandung Institute of Technology like in the Bogor Institute of Agriculture. Hmm…

Because of few friends, few visitors, the interaction on this blog was few. At that time, I didn’t connect this blog to social network like Facebook. I don’t even publicize my Facebook account to general public. I plead that I don’t own Facebook, which is true. My Facebook account is just filled with that few people from my high school. They were the chosen that passed the trial to hunt my account by hint from my blog post.  I didn’t even do some blog walking at that time. Because the visitors was very few, it was some beautiful gift from god if my average visitor in one day reach it’s second digit.

Very few friends, very few interaction, my motivation was getting down too. At last, this blog was frequently getting abandoned four to six month without any new post nor touch. If that time ended, the blog will be filled with a post titled “At last, this blog revives” that voiced by the blog itself. This phenomenon happened at least four times since the history of Blog Kemaren Siang.

My writing style at that time was stiff, contaminated by writing style of SensOpost, my high school personal media. Yeah, most joke in SensOpost relied on it’s linguistic feature.It’s language style inscribe that only some mighty and worthy warrior that can understand the text. High level language, they said. At that time, there was so much foreign and loan words that I incorporated to the text, not like today that I try my hard to avoid them. And then, there is so much excessive words and strange vocabulary and ununderstandable structure of sentence and paragraph can be found. Figure of speech was everywhere. The sentence was as lengthy as possible, written recklessly, and not simplified. Yes, the point is it is hard to understand. You can see a glance of the style just by reading this article that purposely written on that style of fashion.

Although maybe, clearly I am biased. Imitate a style is not an easy task even though it was your style some time ago. There must be mixed to present’s habits. Habit is a fearsome enemy. And then, there is a probability that my style at that time is not different to my style now at all. My style now not necessarily different or simpler. Just see and compare yourself, my first month post if you are not satisfied by the sample in this article. You can’t clearly feel it in English though. 😀

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