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Weekly Photo Challenge : Today | My Own Room in Cartoonish

This week’s theme is very surprising and frightening. Shit just got real when the challenge is like:

Today! This week’s theme is a bit different (but you like that, don’t you?) – it’s about TODAY. This day. The day you’re reading and reacting to this post. No rules or guidance on what to post other than the photo must be taken today! Don’t cheat, don’t go into your photo archives on your computer, don’t link to an old post. Get your camera out, right now, and snap a picture to share with everyone! 

Well. The problem is, I read the post challenge on Friday 23.25 so today is a very small window (only 35 minutes to come up with something) considering I haven’t taken a single photo today. Post a photo on the day you read and react to the photo? On this dark night with my phone camera? Well, it can’t be done except I take pictures of my own room.

Hey, that’s it. I just need to take a photo of my own room. These photo is taken on that small window time but it seems I am late to post the photograph on the day it was taken. But, it just for fifteen minutes anyway. Writing takes time you know.

These photo was taken with my android phone with the help of CartoonCamera application. It really nice to see something in cartoon especially the black line on white board one. It gives you different feeling to something you see everyday. Here it is. Behold my own room:

This side of my room consist a TV, two book shelf, a printer, android handmade signboard, and kanji practicing board.
The kanji board.
My book collection.
White stroke theme
Cartoon theme
South side with different angle
Food and utensils
My not-washed-yet dishes

The CartoonCamera is a great apps. It offers you an interesting yet easy to use feature. There is six theme in total included. But it only generates low dimension picture just the photo in this picture.

See what other’s capture on today theme or post your own picture taken today, at the exact day you read this post.

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  3. luvsclassics says

    Hello Albadr. Good morning from the Northeast of the USA; I know for you it is evening in Indonesia as I write. Today is the first time that I am reading about wordpress “Weekly Photo Challenge”. My intention today was to post a photo for Ruby Tuesday 2 , a weekly meme for photos with red color.
    The “Cartoon Camera” application is awesome. The black and white images provide a new dimension to look with the eyes, and gives a less personal appearance to your own “stuff”.What is a “Kanji board”? Please tell us, perhaps in another post.
    Have a great evening!

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