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Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey Together | Junior Highschoolers’ Journey Together

These pictures was taken on my journey with my friend Bambang to Cililin, South Bandung two years ago. An unsightly scene that we found on our way home. A bunch of junior highscoolers were on their way to school with just single ‘Angkot’. As you can see below, some of them were in extreme position on and beside and behind the car.

It should be noted that this picture was taken in at least 40 kmph speed.

Some Junior Highschoolers In Bandung

Just a picture about some junior highschoolers together on their journey from school.

School is also an adventure of life.

Friends and schools are a life long journey.

Yeah, cool isn’t it? But dangerous actually. You can sympathize about it or get excited. But that is a cool thing in their eyes, at least for most of junior highschooler in my time. Being together is cool, isn’t it? Don’t you feel the same?

I edit this post title to submit  the “together” theme on last weeks of April challenge. The picture meet the theme after all. I hope you enjoy it.


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  12. How frightening! I’d rather sit in the car!
    Cheers for the link to my two blogs. Loved visiting your take on this theme too. Bye for now!

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    • Yeah, i found it interesting too because we can’t see it here in downtown. It’s forbidden apparently. Well, in relatively low populated area, this’s a common sight though. Thanks for coming Margie.

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