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Weekly Photo Challenge : Movement ~ Train from Solo

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The pictures above were taken on Klaten Train Station. The train was going to Bandung from Solo.

I took some pictures when the train approached us on the station on some interval. Here by using slideshow, I want to give you the impression of movement of the train. In the last picture though, we can feel the train movement because of blurry color in it.

Share your picture with interpretation of movement and visit another fellow challengers of Wordpres Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge. Let the world move with our movement.

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  3. Great photo… Love Klaten station.. 🙂
    (Klaten adlh kota kelahiran saya dan kota mencari nafkah.. trims sdh sharing… 🙂 )

    • Yeah, I love night time photo too, unfortunately I only have camera phone to satisfy my photo desire. so the photos’ always blurry.
      Thank you very much for your visit.

  4. I like how you capture the theme in two ways: the still versions of a train in motion captured individually and the combination of photos used in a slide show to show the movement of the train down the track. Nice!

    • Thank you very much… Yeah, I thought posting a picture about movement is not enough movement, so I schemed something like this. The photos was taken last month though.

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